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  • Your health, Our purpose

    Pharmacy Services

    About Pure Health Pharmacy

    Located in The Bronx, NY, we firmly believe that being a local Bronx pharmacy means providing healthcare services to our patients that are customized to meet their needs. At our pharmacy, your health is our purpose.

    What Patients Are Saying About Pure Health Pharmacy

    I love this location, the employees are so nice and respectful. I always come to pick up my medications and do a little shopping!
    Jadelyn P.
    Let me start off by giving you a scenario: You are in distress. Your vision is subtly becoming worsen as you age. No worries, it’s a natural part or life! But you still are highly concerned for yourself, or even maybe a S/O, a family member, or even your bestest friend. This might be subjective, but include your enemies too! They’re gonna have to see you, before they can continue tormenting you. But don’t worry again! You have orchestrated the right schemes to be reading this review. As the in the perspective of someone who worked here, it’s truly a marvelous experience. It’s like a deli, but for glasses and pharmaceutical products! This is a business, and everyone here remains professional. But trust me when I say, this place will keep you home. The staff is friendly, and bilingual, so there isn’t language barriers between english and spanish. Just even looking at the store front, it’s something a-jarring to gaze at. Your optical senses will become heavily improved, with the (sometimes there) on-sight (get it?) doctor that’ll treat you to an eye exam. Now you can really sit back, relax, and get back to living your life, with better eyewear! Or even if you need some-sort of pharmaceutical product, they have that here! Isn’t that altruistic for your well being! Now that the scenario has concluded, you should probably stop reading this, and start considering making an appointment today! C’mon, go, they don’t bite. Their friendly hospitality ensures that you’re kept safe by its main staff workers, who mind you, are incredibly amazing that i cannot fathom the correct notations of the English lexicon to persuade how cool and very helping they are. If you’re reading this, you haven’t went yet, and are still reading this even though I had made made this self aware… go! Your arrival awaits.
    Wonderful experience, you feel like family and taken care. Would recommend to anyone.
    Ruben N.
    Best pharmacy in the Bronx. Staff is extremely helpful and willing to go the extra mile to make sure I was treated properly and all my needs were met
    Daniel D.
    the place is new but it has everything i need. the pharmacist is very knowledgeable and patient! glad it opened in my neighborhood, it makes my life much easier
    LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS PHARMACY THE LOOK , The energy , the change in scenery very helpful people in there highly recommended if you’re trying to find the perfect pharmacy to meet your needs !
    Sky R.
    Best pharmacy in the Bronx! Great customer service! Highly recommend!
    Elene M.
    Very friendly staff! David and the staff are amazing! Excellent customer service, highly recommend!
    Diana R.
    Very friendly , clean and affordable
    Uriah B.
    Excellent services and good discounts 😉
    Francisco G.

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